What is the current unemployment rate in Brazil?

Brazil’s unemployment rate stuck at historic high 14.7%

What is the unemployment rate today 2020?

Unemployment Rate (%)

Provinces June JAN – Jun (AVERAGE)
Seasonally Adjusted 2020 2021
AlbertaAB 12.9% 9.3%
SaskatchewanSK 9.0% 6.9%
ManitobaMB 8.6% 7.1%

Is Brazil in poverty?

However, the Rio de Janeiro-based think tank estimates that 12.8% of Brazil’s population — some 27 million people — are now living below the poverty line of 246 reais a month, the most since the series began a decade ago.

What is the average income in Brazil?

In 2020, the national gross income per capita in Brazil amounted to around 7.85 thousand U.S. dollars, down from 9.27 thousand dollars per person in the previous year.

What are the most common jobs in Brazil?

Major industries in Brazil

  • agriculture.
  • banking.
  • oil and gas.
  • hospitality.
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