What is the large plain that covers central South America?

The Altiplano (Spanish for “high plain”), Collao (Quechua and Aymara: Qullaw, meaning “place of the Qulla”) or Andean Plateau, in west-central South America, is the area where the Andes are the widest. It is the most extensive area of high plateau on Earth outside Tibet.

What is the vast plain that covers most of central Argentina?

The Pampas, also called the Pampa, Spanish La Pampa, vast plains extending westward across central Argentina from the Atlantic coast to the Andean foothills, bounded by the Gran Chaco (north) and Patagonia (south).

What is the plain that covers most of Central America?

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pampas fertile plain that covers most of central Argentina
Atacama Desert desert in northern Chile; Pacific oOcean to west and Andes to east
Amazon Basin vast river basin that covers most of northern Brazil and parts of Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela

What is the plateau that covers most of Central most of central Mexico and is surrounded by mountains?

Mexico main landmarks

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What is the huge plateau that covers most of central Mexico and is surrounded by mountains? Central Plateau
What is the large peninsula in Mexico that extends into the Gulf of
What is the main mountain range in eastern Mexico that begins south of the Rio Grande? Sierra Madre Oriental
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Which countries in Central America do not touch both oceans?

Region of Central America

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Which country does not border the Pacific Ocean? Belize
Which capital cities are named after the countries names? Guatemala City, Panama City, and San Salvador
Which country does not border the Caribbean sea? El Salvador
What ocean does the Carbbean sea flow into? Atlantic Ocean

Why is South America called the land of extremes?

In geographic terms, it has some of the hottest, driest deserts in the world (the Atacama and Sonoran deserts) while having the largest rain-forest in the world (the Amazon).

What are the main religions in South America?

Religion in South America has been a major influence on art, culture, philosophy and law. Christianity is the main religion, with Roman Catholics having the most adherents. Sizeable minorities of non-religious people and adherents of other religions are also present.