What should I buy at Machu Picchu?

What is good to buy in Peru?

20 Unique Gifts and Souvenirs from Peru

  1. Alpaca clothing. At Peru Hop, we think sweaters, hats, scarves and blankets make for a long lasting souvenir, and you will find markets and stores everywhere stocked with them. …
  2. Textiles. …
  3. Chullo hat. …
  4. Backpacks. …
  5. Paintings. …
  6. Musical instruments. …
  7. Retablos Altar Piece. …
  8. Carved Gourds.

What is Peru known for selling?

Like alpaca products, Peru is known for its textiles. … Pretty much all Peruvian markets sell textiles. However, the greatest variety of Peruvian textiles for sale is in the Indian Market, or “Mercado Indio,” in Lima. The best markets in Cusco are the Centro Artesanal and San Pedro Market.

Is it safe to eat street food in Peru?

Is it safe to eat street food in Peru? It depends. Generally if the food is cooked and still hot then it’s fine. However, be wary of anything left out in the sun for a long time.

What can you not bring back from Peru?

Items Restricted by Peruvian Customs Regulations (Must Be Declared)

  • Weapons and ammunition.
  • Cultural items (the kind of things Indiana Jones was always stealing from developing countries)
  • Animals/wildlife.
  • Plants and plant products.
  • Agricultural pesticides.
  • Veterinary products.

What is Peru’s #1 export?

The items that are majorly exported from Peru include ores, gems, copper, food industry waste, animal fodder, coffee, crotchet clothing/accessories, molybdenum, silver, crude petroleum, natural gas, asparagus, fruits (mangoes, avocados, bananas, citrus fruits), textiles, fishmeal, fabricated metal products, and alloys.

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