What Spanish do they speak in Argentina?

Argentina’s official language is Spanish. It’s important to note that Argentinians speak a unique form of Spanish called Argentinian Spanish which can sound more like Italian than Spanish. Almost the entire population of Argentina speaks Spanish with 41.7 million speakers out of a population of 43.8 million.

Does Argentinian Spanish sound like Italian?

As an Italian, to me Argentinian accent sounds as a mix of Italian accents. That’s why an Italian that speaks Spanish doesn’t sound Argentinian. An Italian would have his own accent (there is one at least for every Italian province), while Argentinian is a mix.

Is Argentinian Spanish hard to understand?

People who speak Spanish in Argentina have a weird accent, which makes it harder to learn the language. The Spanish language is spoken with a variety of wildly different accents. … People sometimes get confused when the term pops up, especially if the conversation involves the dialect spoken in Spain.

Why do Argentines pronounce LL as sh?

The Y and LL in the Argentinian Spanish are realized as the English SH sound (shop, shore, ship) or as the Zh sound (for instance, as the “s” sound in the words “pleasure” and “measure”).

Why do Argentines say Che?

Iconic Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara was actually christened Ernesto, and was given the name ‘Che’ because of his prolific use of the word. It is definitely the word you will hear used most in Argentina, and it can mean a number of things. The most common usage means “hey!” or “man.”

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Can Mexicans and Argentinians understand each other?

Mexican Spanish is fairly well understood just due to media. Mexico City has an easy to understand accent…but northern Mexico and rural dialects can be a bit more taxing. In general though, everyone can speak in a way in which they understand each other without too many problems.

Is Argentina a good place to learn Spanish?

Argentina is one of the best places to learn Spanish in South America, as long as you’re prepared to learn the local Castellano instead of the typical Latin American Spanish that is spoken from Mexico to Chile.

Are Argentines Mexican?

Argentines have been in Mexico since at least the 1895 census, and periodic migration has continued following the ebb and flow of the Argentine economy. Both countries share the Spanish language; their historical origins are common (part of the Spanish Empire).

Are Argentines mestizo?

Thus, most Argentines are descendants of these 19th and 20th century immigrants, with about 67% of the population being of European or partial European descent and mestizo.