When was the last presidential election in Brazil?

How often are elections held in Brazil?

The Federal Senate (Senado Federal) has 81 members, elected to an eight-year term, with elections every four years for alternatively one-third and two-thirds of the seats.

Who became the president of Brazil in 2011?

Jair Bolsonaro is the 38th and current president.

Who won the Brazilian presidential election in 2010?

2010 Brazilian presidential election

Nominee Dilma Rousseff José Serra
Alliance For Brazil to Keep on Changing Brazil Can Do More
Home state Minas Gerais São Paulo
Running mate Michel Temer Indio da Costa

What happens if you don’t vote in Brazil?

In Brazil, people who fail to vote in an election are barred from obtaining a passport and subject to other restrictions until settling their situation before an electoral court or after they have voted in the two most recent elections.

What is Brazil’s most pressing environmental concern?

Deforestation has been a significant source of pollution, biodiversity loss, and greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, but deforestation has been Brazil’s foremost cause of environmental and ecological degradation.

What is the capital of Brazil?

Where is Brazil located?

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