Your question: How did the Inca rulers protect the food supply?

How did the Inca create a stable food supply?

Yet the Incas, and the civilizations before them, coaxed harvests from the Andes’ sharp slopes and intermittent waterways. They developed resilient breeds of crops such as potatoes, quinoa and corn. They built cisterns and irrigation canals that snaked and angled down and around the mountains.

How did the Incas preserve or save food?

Smoke Preservation

It’s been around since Incan times and was another popular way of conserving their food. The word jerky actually comes from the Quechua name, which was ch’arki. Each region has a slightly different way of producing the meat. At lower altitudes it was more likely that they smoked and salted the meat.

How did the Incas keep food for future use?

And the Incas were experts in storing their food, in ceramics and in stone storage silos. All of these dried foods have been found, perfectly preserved, in Inca and pre-Inca burial sites.

How did the Incas protect against famine?

How did the Incas protect against famine and poor harvests? By storing large quantities of surplus food. … The Incas used them to transport goods through their empire.

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What did the Incas drink?

The rustic corn beer known as chicha de jora was once a sacred drink of the Incas, and it’s still widely consumed in the Andean highlands, homebrewed by locals. For just one Peruvian sol (around 30 cents), you can get drunk in Peru’s Sacred Valley.

How many types of potatoes did the Incas grow?

The Incas were masters of plant domestication, especially potatoes. Their development of the potato was remarkable: from 8 species of weeds having toxic tubers to more than 3000 distinct potato varieties.

Did the Incas grow carrots?

To them the Incas were backward, and they forced the Andean natives to replace crops that had held a valued place for thousands of years with European species like wheat, barley and carrots. … ”This is a fantastic wealth of food crops that has been overlooked by the world for almost five centuries,” said Noel D.

What was the Incas most important crop?

Potatoes were the most important ingredient in Inca diet and their main source of nourishment. The potato is one of Peru’s native crops and was domesticated more than 8000 years ago by pre-Inca cultures.

What medicines did the Incas use?

The bark of one tree, for example, produced quinine, which the Incas used to cure cramps, chills, and many other ailments. The Incas used the leaves of the coca plant to numb people who were in pain. (Cocaine, which is derived from the same plant, was later prescribed by modern doctors for the same purpose.)

Did the Incas starve?

In Inca society, Rowe says, no one starved or went naked, justice was done and even those chosen for ritual death may have sacrificed themselves willingly.

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