Your question: Which region is sugar found in Guyana?

The Guyana Sugar Corporation is the home of the renowned Genuine Demerara Sugar. The Corporation owns eight cultivations on which it grows canes and produces sugar from those canes in seven factories which are located from the extreme east of the country to the west.

Does Guyana produce sugar?

In 2019, centrifugal sugar production in Guyana amounted to 95 thousand metric tons, down from 115 thousand metric tons produced a year earlier. This was also the lowest figure reported in the decade. For 2020, production was expected to drop further, dipping below 100 thousand tons.

How many sugar estates are in Guyana?

Sugarcane, which is one of the main economic crops grown in Guyana, is currently estimated to be cultivated on 50, 000 hectares of land in Guyana. Approximately 3.5 million tons of canes are produced each year from eight sugar estates belonging to the Guyana Sugar Corporation [2] .

Why is sugar important to Guyana?

It is the country’s largest cultivator and producer of sugar, a historically important commodity in the country. They produce Demerara Sugar as well as honey and sweeteners for export around the world.

How is sugarcane grown in Guyana?

Sugarcane is transported in small flat bottomed boats (known as punts) from the fields to the factories. Sugarcane is usually harvested manually. After the cane is harvested, the roots are sometimes left in the ground to produce new plants. This is known as ratooning.

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Which countries buy sugar from Guyana?

In addition to this market, Guyana is also selling to Grenada, St. Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago, among other countries. As it is now, Guyana is tapping only a fraction of the Trinidad and Tobago market, by selling 5,000 tonnes of sugar, when the country’s estimated intake is 35,000 tonnes.

Where does Guyana export sugar?

Guyana exports brown sugar internationally to the European Union, the United States of America, and the Caribbean Community(CARICOM) countries which include Trinidad, Suriname, St Lucia, Grenada, Antigua, Dominica, Barbados, St Vincent and Jamaica.