Best answer: Who are the drivers in Brazil on the lookout for?

Who are the drivers in Brazil on the lookout for? Answer: The drivers in Brazil are on the lookout for any pedestrians stepping off the pavement, who they regard as a fair game.

Who do the driver look out for when they are driving Why?

The drivers usually lookout for pedestrians who step off the pavement. They regard such pedestrians as a fair game. They take aim and accelerate their vehicle. The pedestrian has to jump, leap and run for his dear life.

Who look out for pedestrians in Brazil?

8) Who do the Brazilian drivers look out for when they are driving? Why? Ans: The Brazilian drivers look out for pedestrians. However, in Brazil, they could do without people walking on the streets or people attempting to go across the streets.

What makes the author feel that drivers in Brazil are on the lookout for pedestrians?

George Mikes feels that the drivers in Brazil are on the lookout for pedestrians because as soon as a driver notices a pedestrian step off the pavement, he appears to regard him as fair game and so he takes aim and accelerates his vehicle. The pedestrian has to jump, leap and run for his/her dear life.

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Is it illegal to overtake in a 30mph zone?

As long as the white lines in the middle of the road are dashed/broken – overtaking is permitted. The exact length of the dashes, and distance between dashes indicate how safe it is or isn’t. If the lines are solid, overtaking isn’t permitted and you could be prosecuted for careless driving even if you aren’t speeding.

Who most often falls asleep while driving?

Who’s more likely to drive drowsy? Drivers who do not get enough sleep. Commercial drivers who operate vehicles such as tow trucks, tractor trailers, and buses. Shift workers (who work the night shift or long shifts).

What are extremely expensive in Brazil?

Simply put, cars and many other products are extremely expensive in Brazil because Brazilians pay the asking price. Yes taxes are a factor but the same car produced in Brazil is shipped to and sold in Argentina, for example, for a fraction of the price and their taxes aren’t low either.

Why is it difficult to cross a road in Brazil How is this brought out through Traveller’s eye?

It was a strange understanding between each other. And the drivers had the habit of overtaking on either side and smile at each other. They don’t get angry but smile. The traffic in Brazilian roads is uninterrupted and so it is very difficult to cross the roads in Brazil.

Which animal bowed to the narrator?

At Nara in Japan, a deer created the impression that it bowed to the author.

Where did Mikes meet a deer in Japan?

The writer met a deer in one of the parts of Nara, which is a wild deer park in Japan.

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What is man’s telephone receiver in the lesson Japan and Brazil through a traveler’s eye?

The author emphatically says that the person’s telephone receiver is his castle. The writer then gives his observations about the Japanese obsession with ‘Bowing’. He calls it a ‘mania’ because everybody keeps bowing to everybody else.

What is unique about bowing in Japan?

In Japan, people greet each other by bowing. A bow can ranges from a small nod of the head to a deep bend at the waist. A deeper, longer bow indicates respect and conversely a small nod with the head is casual and informal. … Bowing is also used to thank, apologize, make a request or ask someone a favor.