Does Ecuador have a desert?

Ecuador encompasses a wide range of natural formations and climates, from the desert-like southern coast to the snowcapped peaks of the Andes mountain range to the plains of the Amazon Basin.

Is Ecuador a desert?

There are no desert regions in Ecuador.

Is Ecuador in the mountains?

Ecuador has four distinct regions — the Pacific Coast, Galápagos Islands, Andes Mountains, and Amazon Jungle. … The Andes run down the middle of Ecuador, covering about a quarter of the country’s total land area. Two mountain ranges are included in this, with over 22 peaks higher than 13,800 feet (4,200 m).

Does it rain in Ecuador?

Because Ecuador lies on the Equator, most of the country, except the Sierra, experiences a humid tropical climate. … Most of the country, however, is humid, receiving more than 20 inches of rain a year. The southern coast and the highlands receive 30 to 80 inches (760 to 2,000 mm).

What kind of land is Ecuador?

Ecuador is divided into four distinct regions including coastal plains, Andean highlands, tropical jungle and the Galapagos Islands, which are located roughly 600 miles off the coast.

Is Ecuador a poor country?

Ecuador is a middle-income country with an economy highly dependent on oil and export agriculture. Almost one quarter of the population in Ecuador lives in poverty, most of them in rural areas. The rural poverty rate, at 43 per cent in 2018 , is almost triple the urban rate (15,9).

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Is Ecuador a US ally?

The United States and Ecuador share a history of partnership and cooperation, with mutual interests in economic prosperity, democratic governance, regional security, environmental sustainability and protection, and academic exchanges.

What is the name of the most famous volcano in Ecuador?

Dangerous history. Cotopaxi is one of Ecuador’s most active volcanoes and, at 5,897m (19,347 ft), its second-highest peak after the Chimborazo.

Is Ecuador hot or cold?

Most of Ecuador has mild temperatures year-round. In the highlands of the Andes, the temperatures are usually cooler. The average temperature in Quito is in the mid-60s Fahrenheit (17 – 18 degrees Celsius).