Frequent question: Is Jordan Chiles going to college?

Jordan Chiles
Level Senior International Elite
Years on national team 2013 – present (US)
Gym World Champions Centre Naydenov (former)
College team UCLA Bruins

Does Jordan Chiles go to UCLA?

After Chiles considered quitting elite gymnastics and just enrolling at UCLA after she finished high school, it was Biles who stepped in with a suggestion. Come train with me, the most decorated gymnast in world championship history said in 2018. Chiles took her up on the offer the following year.

Is Jordan Chiles going pro?

Jordan committed to joining the gymnastics team at UCLA but deferred her enrollment until after the Olympic Games and the Gold Over America post-Olympic gymnastics tour. She plans to major in zoology and should graduate in 2024.

Did Jordan Chiles quit gymnastics?

‘” The following year, Jordan finished 11th in the all-around competition at the National Championships—which is when she considered leaving gymnastics entirely.

Who is Jordan Chiles father?

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Who is Jordan Chiles mother?

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