How fast is internet in Argentina?

Country/Territory Average connection speed (Mbit/s)
South Africa 19.1
Puerto Rico 18.0
Azerbaijan 17.8
Argentina 17.4

What is the Internet speed in Argentina?

From May 2018 to May 2019, broadband internet in Argentina averaged a download speed of 2.83 Mbps, down from 3.18 Mbps the previous year. Meanwhile, as of May 2019, Chile had reached an average speed of 3.89 Mbps.

Is the Internet good in Argentina?

In the Net Index country ranking of consumer download speeds from the Internet metrics company Ookla, Argentina ranked 106th out of 182 countries, behind Uganda and Laos and down from 90th place in 2011. That puts it 49 spots behind neighboring Uruguay, 48 spots behind Chile, and 32 behind Brazil.

How fast is Internet in Buenos Aires?

City Speeds

Rank City Mean Download Mbps
1 La Plata 40.28
2 Buenos Aires 34.97
3 Rosario 30.69
4 Mendoza 30.36

Which country has the quickest Internet?

When it comes to fixed broadband connections, Singapore tops the list of countries by average connection speed. Internet users in Singapore achieve an average speed of 57.27 Mbps, significantly faster than the 48.52 Mbps achieved in Norway, the second-placed country on the speed rankings.

How fast is NASA internet?

The NASA internet speed that runs at approximately 91 gigabits per second (GB/s). NASA Internet Speed is about 13,000 times faster than what the current speed you have is, and it’s nearly impossible for you to have it anytime within the near future.

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What is Internet speed in USA?

According to Ookla’s, Americans are currently getting around 192 Mbps of download speed and 68 Mbps of upload speed through their fixed broadband connections — good for 11th in the world and nearly double the global average.

Why is my Steam download so slow?

Your Steam download speed may be slow because the download server you’re using is not working properly. … On your Steam client, click Steam, then click Settings. Click Downloads, then click the drop-down menu of Download Region and select a different download server location. Click OK.