How much is an iPhone 11 in Argentina?

How much does the iPhone 11 cost in Argentina?

Apple iPhone 11 is latest iPhone with the Price of 22,163 ARS in Argentina . it has 6.1 inches display, and available in 3 storage variant and 1 RAM options, 4GB RAM with 64GB ROM, 4GB RAM with 128GB ROM, and 4GB RAM with 256GB storage.

How much does an iPhone cost in Argentina?

In the United States, the phone comes with a whopping USD $1,000 price tag; but in Argentina, it costs an astounding $48,000 Argentine pesos: that is USD $2,700 (at the current exchange rate of 17.5 pesos to the dollar). More than double. Almost triple. A plane ticket to Miami has an estimated cost of USD $850.

How much is a iPhone 11 in South?

Apple iPhone 11 South Africa Price

The Apple iPhone 11 will be available from R 9500 which makes it R 700 cheaper than the iPhone XR’s starting price when it was released.

Why are iphones so expensive in Argentina?

But to purchase an iPhone, you’ll have to inquire discreetly. Apple’s smartphones are still unauthorized for sale in Argentina. … Electronics companies had to manufacture in Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego region in order to be able to sell their products in the country.

Are apples Argentina?

Apple will open its first official store next year in Argentina.

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Does Apple still sell iPhone 11 pro?

With the iPhone 12 Pro, there is no need for an iPhone 11 Pro. That’s why the iPhone 11 Pro is no longer sold directly at Apple.