Is Jordan Chiles mom in jail?

Chiles’ mother Gina is set to serve a year and one day in prison for fraud charges, but had her sentence delayed after a compassionate plea so she could watch her daughter compete at the games.

What happened to Jordan Chiles mother?

US Olympic gymnast Jordan Chiles’s mother will enter prison on the same day that her daughter competes for gold at the Tokyo Games. … She pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud and when she has completed her prison sentence has been ordered to begin paying $1.2m in restitution.

Why is Jordan Chiles mom in jail?

Despite her 366-day prison sentence for wire fraud, the elder Chiles successfully had her request approved by the U.S. District Court in Oregon for a 30-day delay to allow her to support her daughter at the Olympic Games. The delay means her official prison date starts on Aug. 26, CBS 42 Birmingham reported.

Who is Jordan child’s mother?

What nationality is Jordan child’s mother?

Chiles is the youngest of five siblings, and her parents, Gina and Timothy Chiles, named her after NBA legend Michael Jordan. As for Chiles’ ethnicity, the American gymnast is of mixed race. While her father, Timothy Chiles, is Black, her mother Gina, whose maiden named is Velasquez, is not.

Is Jordan Chiles mom Hispanic?

Gina holds American nationality and her ethnic background is African-American.

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Who is Jordan Chiles father?