What are two major issues in Colombia?

Characteristic Share of respondents
Insecurity, crime and drug trafficking 25%
Unemployment / lack of economic growth 15%
Political instability / institutional weakness 5%
Poverty and social inequality 5%

What are the major issues that Colombia is facing?

Among the most intense issues for Colombia in 2019 were deforestation, the murders of social, environmental, and indigenous leaders, the debate over fracking, the increase in extractive activities, and restrictions on citizen participation in deciding the latter.

What are Colombia’s problems?

Impunity for past abuses, barriers to land restitution for displaced people, limits on reproductive rights, and the extreme poverty and isolation of indigenous communities remain important human rights concerns in Colombia.

What are social issues in Colombia?

Currently, Colombia is a clear example of a society that fears hunger, absence of work, violence, lack of education, and other social problems more than SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Why are they fighting in Colombia?

The FARC and other guerrilla movements claim to be fighting for the rights of the poor in Colombia to protect them from government violence and to provide social justice through communism. The Colombian government claims to be fighting for order and stability, and to protect the rights and interests of its citizens.

Why is Colombia still poor?

The unequal distribution of the country’s wealth and welfare resources affects Colombian people and is a cause of poverty. The country’s income concentration is very high compared to the international averages. … In 81 percent of poor rural homes in Colombia, there is no connection to the piped-water network.

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Why is Colombia so polluted?

Contributors to poor air quality in Colombia include vehicle emissions, factories, the oil and gas industry, power plants, and agricultural burning. Available data indicates that Caldas, Medellín, Itagüi, and La Estrella have consistently high levels of air pollution.

What human rights are being violated in Colombia?

Human rights issues included reports of unlawful or arbitrary killings; reports of torture and arbitrary detention by both government security forces and illegal armed groups; corruption; rape and abuse of women and children by illegal armed groups; criminalization of libel; violence and threats of violence against …

Can I go to Colombia right now?

Travel within Colombia: Decree 1168 eliminates the prohibitions on movement that had been imposed by the National government, including those on tourist travel within the country. Municipal and Departmental restrictions and health requirements remain in certain parts of the country.