What country is located on the eastern coast of South America?

site* country notes
Darién Panama national park, rainforests, and wetlands
Easter Island Chile monumental sculptures

What is the eastern part of South America?

This focal geography covers the area from the Natal, at the northeastern tip of Brazil south to Tierra de Fuego (Argentina, Chile) at the extreme southern tip of South America.

What countries are on the coast of South America?

The Longest Coastlines in South America

Rank Country Length of Coastline (Km)
1 Brazil 7,941
2 Chile 6,435
3 Argentina 4,989
4 Colombia 3,208

What is a small country in eastern South America?

Uruguay – 181,034 sq km

Uruguay is South America’s smallest nation with an area of 69,898 square miles. It borders Brazil and Argentina as well as the Atlantic Ocean to its southeast and the Rio de la Plata to its south.

What is the lowest point of Europe?

The lowest terrain in Europe, virtually lacking relief, stands at the head of the Caspian Sea; there the Caspian Depression reaches some 95 feet (29 metres) below sea level.

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