What do they call Easter in Uruguay?

I can testify – everyone here refers to Easter as “la Semana de turismo”.

How does Uruguay celebrate Easter?

Together with this main event, cattle is sold, international stands set, and people attend for all kinds of reasons, to see what’s new, to get freebies, to see the horse-riding competitions or the live music in the evenings.

What is Holy Week in Uruguay?

Holy Week is public holidays in Guatemala and Uruguay.

The event commemorates the suffering of Jesus Christ (Passion of Christ) and his eventual death by crucifixion. The celebration of Holy Week varies from year to year simply because the date of Easter in Christian liturgical calendar varies yearly.

What is Christmas called in Uruguay?

Public holidays in Uruguay

Date English name Remarks
October 12 Day of the race (Columbus Day)
November 2 Deceased ones day
December 25 Day of the Family In place of Christmas (Navidad), although it is mostly known as and celebrated by this name instead of the non-religious one.

How is the Landing of the 33 Patriots Day celebrated?

Celebrations held on this date correspond with celebrations held on their National Independence day, with the laying of wreaths, speeches, and particularly special prayer programs held in churches all over Uruguay, recognizing the 33 brave men who had sparked the revolution towards their independence.

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How does Uruguay celebrate Three Kings Day?

This photograph from Uruguay shows men dressed as kings, with crowns, flowing capes, and long beards, mounted on horses to greet their “subjects.” Tres Reyes, or Three Kings Day, celebrated on January 6, is traditionally when Uruguayan children receive their Christmas gifts.

How do they dress in Uruguay?

The traditional clothing for the Uruguayan people are things like gauchos, colorful ponchos, broad brimmed straw hats, brightly patterned scarfs and traditional berets. Still to this day people wear these things. The gauchos are the most popular clothing item in Uruguay and also other countries.