What plants are in Bolivia?

Native Plants of Bolivia Scientific Name
Fire Flag Thalia geniculata
Bolivian Begonia Begonia boliviensis
Creeping Oxeye Sphagneticola trilobata
Cuplet Fern Dennstaedtia bipinnata

What animals are only found in Bolivia?

Many animals commonly associated with Bolivia include the llama, the guanaco and the alpaca but the country is also home to the jaguar, the maned wolf, the giant otter and more. Bolivia is also known for its Andean flamingo population which is one of the rarest in the world.

What is the main ecosystem in Bolivia?

The diverse landscapes and climates of Bolivia range from high plateaus and snow-capped mountains as tall as 6,500 meters (21,500 feet) to low-lying wetlands and forests. These numerous habitats help make Bolivia one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world.

What big cats live in Bolivia?

The rich animal life of the northern forests includes such mammals as the jaguar (the largest of the American cats), sloth, and tapir and several species of monkey; the largest of the numerous reptiles is the caiman (a member of the alligator family), and among the many fish species is the carnivorous piranha (caribe).

Are there wolves in Bolivia?

Maned wolf. The maned wolf inhabits open areas in the pampas, grasslands and flooded forests associated with savannas of the Amazonian lowlands of northern La Paz and the Departments of Beni and Santa Cruz. …

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Are there Scorpions in Bolivia?

An updated checklist of the scorpions of Bolivia is presented. Twenty four species (three of them, with doubts) and one subspecies, belonging to the families Bothriuridae, Buthidae and luridae are listed. … All Bolivian localities where scorpions have been collected are listed in a gazetteer.

What animal is native to Africa?

Africa is home to many of the world’s most famous fauna in human culture such as lions‚ rhinos‚ cheetahs‚ giraffes‚ antelope, hippos, leopards, zebras‚ and African elephants among many others.