What rivers flow through Chile?

Rank Name Length
1 Loa River 440 km
2 Baker River[3] 170 km
3 Bío-Bío River 380 km
4 Maule River 240 km

What are some major rivers in Chile?

Some of Chile’s most important rivers, from north to south, include the Loa, Aconcagua, Maipo, Maule, and Biobío, all of which empty into the Pacific. The rivers are vital for the irrigation waters and hydroelectric power they provide. Cascades, however, limit navigation.

How many major rivers are in Chile?

The Longest Rivers Of Chile

Rank River Length (km)
1 Loa 440
2 Bío-Bío 380
3 Maipo 250
4 Maule 240
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