What size Patagonia black hole?

Is Patagonia Black Hole carry-on size?

Whatever you stuff into the tough, highly weather-resistant Patagonia Black Hole duffel bag will be protected and easily accessible, thanks to durable fabric and 45 liters of space.

Technical Specs.

Best Use Travel
Backpack Straps Yes
Carry-On Yes
Material(s) Ripstop polyester
Dimensions 19 x 10 x 10.25 inches

Is 55L a Carry On?

The 55L may be a little big if your looking for a carryon, but great for multiple day getaways! Material seems very durable and water proof.

How big is a 40 liter duffel bag?

TECHNICAL DETAILS: These overnight bags measure 20” x 11” x 11”, are super lightweight, and are constructed of rugged, durable polyester cloth materials.

How do you pack a black hole bag?

@BrianG2k_pub Turn the bag inside out, unzip the inside zipper on the stuff pocket. Then fold the bag up small before stuffing into pocket. @patagonia awesome.

Are Patagonia bags good?

Known for their durable outdoor apparel and gear, Patagonia are especially appreciated as a maker of sturdy backpacks that are stylish enough for the city and rugged enough for the wild. So, if you need a really durable backpack, you’re in the right place: Patagonia products are as good as it gets.

How many liters is a carry on bag?

If you are in the usa then the most likely carry on size limit for your airline is 22 inches x 14 inches x 9 inches. And 22x14x9 inches is 2772 cubic inches so that’s just over a massive 45 liters!

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