What were the Incas most skilled at growing?

The Incas were very skilled at growing potatoes and corn, but because of their geography, they could never be as productive as European farmers. … To the Incas, the sight of Pizarro’s conquistadors passing through their land is extraordinary.

Why did the Spanish have guns but the Inca did not?

Because the Incas only had bronze weapons and they didn’t bring the weapons to fight, so the Europeans naturally had more chances of winning and it wasn’t because they were smarter or such.

What proved decisive for Spanish victory over the Incas?

Pizarro: Represented the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V (also known as King Charles I of Spain), monarch of the most powerful state in Europe. … Pizarro’s victory over the Inca was a clear demonstration of European society’s “dominance” over the New World—Pizarro was badly outnumbered, and yet prevailed anyway.

What killed the Incas?

The spread of disease

Influenza and smallpox were the main causes of death among the Inca population and it affected not only the working class but also the nobility.

Why did Europeans have the technology to create effective swords but the Inca did not how was it related to their geographic contexts?

Why did Europeans have the technology to create effective swords, but the Inca did not? The Europeans had the technology to create effective swords because since the europeans were closed to the Fertile Crescent, they inherited this metal technology.

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Did the Incas have guns?

But Pizarro’s men only brought 37 horses to Peru. … Pizarro’s conquistadors were armed with the latest and greatest in weapons technology – guns, and swords. The Inca, by comparison, had never worked iron or discovered the uses of gunpowder. Geography had not endowed them with these resources.

Did the Incas use couriers?

The Inca used couriers throughout the empire, all along the well-made trails. The couriers worked as a kind of relay team. Stationed every few miles, they could carry messages at a speed of 150 miles a day.

What factors enabled the Spanish to defeat the Aztecs?

What 3 factors enabled the Spanish to defeat the Aztecs?

  • Superior Weapons. Spanish weaponry was far superior to anything used by the Aztecs or Incas.
  • Alliances and Experience. The invading Spanish forces also took advantage of internal divisions within the Aztec and Inca empires.
  • The Power of Horses.
  • Deadly Disease.

Are there still Incas today?

Today, the descendants of the Incas are all the Quechua-speaking people (mostly farmers) of the central Andes. In Peru, Inca descendants make up almost half of the country’s population.