What zone is Guyana in?

Offset Time Zone Abbreviation & Name
UTC -4 GYT Guyana Time

What country has the same time zone as Guyana?

Phoenix, for example, is on the 122nd degree of longitude west and thus in the UTC-7 time zone. The Guyana Time is consistent with UTC -4.

Further Countries in the same timezone of UTC -4.

Country Region Timezone
Venezuela countrywide Venezuelan Standard Time (VET)

What time is golden hour in Guyana?

Georgetown, Guyana – Position of the sun in the sky on September 3, 2021

Time: Duration:
Golden Hour 17:32 – 17:58 26 min.
Sunset 17:58
Civil twilight 17:58 – 18:19 20 min.
Nautical twilight 18:19 – 18:44 24 min.

Is Guyana a Caribbean country?

Guyana, officially the Co-operative Republic of Guyana, previously the colony of British Guiana, is a sovereign state on the northern coast of South America that is culturally part of the Anglophone Caribbean.

Which country has UTC timezone?

World time zones by country

Country or territory UTC time offset June 2021 DST
Australia, Lord Howe Island (New South Wales) +10:30 +11:00
Australia, Macquarie Island (Tasmania) +11:00
Austria +01:00 +02:00
Azerbaijan +04:00

What cities use UTC?

Here are the major cities that observe UTC at one time or another during the year:

  • London.
  • Casablanca.
  • Dublin.
  • Porto.
  • Bissau.
  • Lisbon.
  • Ponta Delgada.
  • Ittoqqortoormiit.
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What race is a Guyanese person?

Guyana’s population (Guyanese people) is made up of five main ethnic groups: Indians, Africans, Amerindians, Europeans (mainly Portuguese) and Chinese. Ninety percent of the inhabitants live on the narrow coastal plain, where population density is more than 115 inhabitants per square kilometre (300/sq mi).

Does it ever get cold in Guyana?

Thanks to its location just above the equator Guyana has a tropical climate. Temperatures are high with maximum temperatures around 30-31 degrees Celsius (86-88° Fahrenheit) almost all year round and night temperatures around 22 to 24 degrees Celsius (71-75°F).