When was divorce Legalised in Venezuela?

Is divorce legal in Venezuela?

The Venezuelan Civil Code provides both spouses with the right to initiate divorce. In the case of divorce, both parents continue to share parental authority over their children (Organic Law on the Protection of Children and Adolescents, art 360).

Is common law marriage recognized in Venezuela?

Venezuela does recognize common-law marriage (concubinato) for matters such as child custody and the distribution of assets upon a break-up, but not for the acquisition of nationality.

Is divorce legal in South America?

The divorce

In most cases of Latin America, divorce has the penalty or exception quality, restricting the freedom of persons. The causes that make possible the divorce are the homosexuality (taken like a misbehavior different to the adultery), abuse, violence, alcoholism, adultery.

Is divorce legal in Bolivia?


This type of divorce is formalized by deed made by public notary. In order to process the divorce by notary, it requires mutual agreement and consent of the spouses…

Is Venezuela part of the Hague Convention?

Venezuela and the United States have been treaty partners under the 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction (Hague Abduction Convention) since January 1, 1997.

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Does Argentina recognize common law marriage?

Background: The National Immigration Directorate (DNM) announced in October that the migration laws will adopt recent changes in the Argentine Civil Code that give common-law marriage the same legal effect as marriage.

How can I marry Venezuela?

Venezuelan Marriage Basic Requirements

  1. The woman must be 14 years of age, and male 16 years of age.
  2. Parties under 18 years of age must have parental consent.
  3. The couple must both enter the marriage voluntarily and out of their own free will.

Which country has no divorce?

Even by the standards of former Spanish colonies, the Philippines has extremely socially conservative laws. It is the only country in world, bar the Vatican City, to outlaw divorce (except for Muslims).

Is divorce allowed in Chile?

Divorce did not exist in Chile until 2004. Divorce is now regulated, despite the fact that the definition of the marriage contract contained in Article 102 of the Civil Code still refers to it as an “indissoluble contract”. Divorce terminates the marriage but does not affect filiation.