Where is the word Chile from?

Other theories say Chile may derive its name from a Native American word meaning either ‘ends of the earth’ or ‘sea gulls’; from the Mapuche word chilli, which may mean ‘where the land ends'” or from the Quechua chiri, ‘cold’, or tchili, meaning either ‘snow’ or “the deepest point of the Earth”.

Where does the word Chile come from?

The origin of the name “Chile” may come from the indigenous Aimara word “chili”, meaning “where the land ends.” It could also be based on the Mapuche imitation of a bird call which sounds like “cheele cheele.”

Is Chile a English word?

a phonetic spelling of child, representing dialectal speech of the Southern United States or African American Vernacular English: Oh, chile, you do not want to test me!

What does the word Chile mean?

1a : a hot pepper of any of a group of cultivars (Capsicum annuum annuum group longum) noted for their pungency. — called also chili pepper. b chiefly British chilli : a pepper whether hot or sweet. 2a : a thick sauce of meat and chilies liked to cover her spaghetti with red chili.

Does Chile mean chill?

There is the word “Chile” for the country, pronounced chill-eh and then there is the slang term “chile” which is written the way some people say “child.” pronounced as “child” without the d, so something like “chail.” This is a slang term that is common with AAVE (african american vernacular english).

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What does Chile mean in memes?

chile – Southern AAVE spelling of the word “child”; on Stan Twitter, the term is derived from of an episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta in which Nene Leakes says “Whew chile, the ghetto.”

What is the Chilean diet?

Typical meals in Chile consist mainly of lots of meat, especially beef and chicken, rice and potatoes, fresh fruit and vegetables from the fields of Central Chile. Even though seafood could be the common daily meal in Chile with its 5.000 km long coast, it is not.