Which continent is directly north of South America?

North America is the continent north of South America. The three largest countries on this continent are Canada, the United States and Mexico.

What lies just north of South America?

South America is bounded by the Caribbean Sea to the northwest and north, the Atlantic Ocean to the northeast, east, and southeast, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. … The Falkland (Malvinas) Islands are east of southern Argentina.

Why is South America called the Land of Superlatives?

South America is a land of superlatives. It has quite different types of landform, climate and vegetation. There is a small portion of land for farming but this is an agricultural continent. … Tourism is developing as an important economic activity because this continent is the continent of superlatives.

Why didnt South America industrialize?

Latin America was late to industrialize for two primary reasons: economic instability following their independence wars and a lack of support for…

Why is South America not united?

Maybe the colonies of Central and South America didn’t unite as much because they didn’t face the threat of US expansionism and they didn’t care that much about increasing trade and infrastructure because they were trapped in a raw material export oriented type of economy (Spain and other countries were probably more …

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Why did North America become more successful than South America?

The main reason that North America has progressed so much is because of their European colonialism, the European Nations developed North America into a land for living that was equitable to that of Europe, they Colonized South America to a lesser extent, and used it more for work and labour vs living.

Did China discover America first?

But then nor did Columbus. It appears to stake China’s claim to have “discovered” America first. … This comes as a surprise to those of us who know for a fact that America was discovered by Prince Madoc ab Owain Gwynedd in 1170.