Which lakes are found in South America?

What are the 8 lakes in South America?

The largest lakes in South America

  • Lake Viedma, Argentina.
  • Lake Argentino, Argentina.
  • Laguna de Términos, Mexico.
  • Merín Lagoon, Uruguay.
  • Mar Chiquita, Argentina.
  • Lake Cocibolca, Nicaragua.
  • Lake Titicaca, Peru and Bolivia.
  • Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela.

What is South America’s largest lakes?

Lake Titicaca is the largest freshwater lake in South America and the highest of the world’s large lakes. Titicaca is one of less than twenty ancient lakes on earth, and is thought to be there million years old. Lake Titicaca sits 3 810 m above sea level and is situated between Peru to the west and Bolivia to the east.

What is the most active volcano in South America?

Maipo Volcano, Spanish Volcán Maipo, volcanic peak in the Central Andes Mountains of South America. It rises to an elevation of 17,270 feet (5,264 metres) on the Chile-Argentina border, 65 miles (105 km) southeast of Santiago, Chile. It is one of the most active of the border volcanoes.

Which part of South America is most fertile?

The Argentine Pampas, the largest fertile area on the continent, is uniformly covered with the so-called pampean loess, which is calcareous, rich in minerals, and mixed with volcanic sediment.

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