Why do you think the Inca outlined what clothes the various classes were allowed to wear?

Why do you think Inca law outlined what clothes people of various classes could wear? To make it easy to identify who belonged to which class.

What clothing did the Inca wear?

Functions. Inca clothes were simple in style, and most were made using either cotton or wool. The typical male attire was a loincloth and a simple tunic (unqo) made from a single sheet folded over and stitched at the sides with holes left for the arms and neck. In winter a cloak or poncho was worn on top.

How was Incas daily class different from upper and lower class?

Upper Class: Kings, priests, and government officials. Lower Class: Farmers, artisans, and servants. The Inca parents taught their children everything they knew and how to perform their duties. The Inca conquered each territory and allowed them to live their lives normally, but with the exception of a few rules.

What did Inca emperors wear?

The emperor would wear a textile one time and then the clothing was burned. The emperor’s clothes were dyed rich, pretty colors and he wore a headdress with gold and feathers on it. Even the emperor’s coat was covered with gold and precious stones. The emperor also wore jewelry on his body.

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Why were textiles more valuable than gold to the Incas?

To the invading Spaniards, gold was without question the great prize in the Incas Empire. But among the Incas themselves, textiles ranked as the most treasured commodity, in large measure because of the amount of time and care expended in producing them.

What was the most powerful class in Inca society?

The Inca society was a vertical hierarchical organization divided in four social classes. At the top of the stratum was the Sapa Inca, the most powerful person in the empire. Below was the royalty, comprised by the sons of the Sapa Inca and his close relatives.

Which God was the most important to the Incas?

Inti. Inti, the sun god, was the ranking deity in the Inca pantheon.

What did the Incas invent that we use today?

Many Inca roads and bridges can still be used today. In fact, the Inca faced so many problems getting from mountain to mountain that they invented different kinds of bridges. One was a suspension bridge, which uses thick cables to hold up the walkway.

What was the Inca language called?