Why is James not playing for Colombia today?

James Rodriguez has been withdrawn from the Colombia squad and will miss the Copa America as he not as the “optimal level” of fitness. … However, after being assessed by the Colombia medical team he has been deemed not fit enough to compete for Los Cafeteros and subsequently taken out of the squad.

Why is James not playing with Colombia?

After an underwhelming season on loan at Everton, James failed to make the cut for inclusion in Rueda’s squad for the World Cup Qualifiers or the Copa America in Brazil. Medical reasons were cited for his exclusion, but the player has been very vocal and active on social media in a bid to discredit that line.

Will there be fans at Copa America 2021?

The city has decided to allow a crowd of up to 7,800 people, 10 percent of the stadium’s full capacity of 78,000. This would make it the first match in the 2021 Copa America, South America’s largest international football tournament, with fans in the stands.

Is Copa America every 2 years?

In 1986, CONMEBOL decided to return to having one country host the tournament and to contest it every other year. From 1987 until 2001, the event was hosted every two years in rotation by the ten members of the confederation. … The 1993 Copa América tournament in Ecuador would take its current form.

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