Why is the rainforest important to Peru?

Peru’s Rainforest contains thousands of indigenous plants and animals. Some plants are yet to be discovered, and some are even used in modern drugs to cure diseases. … More than half of the world’s estimated ten million species of plants, animals and insects live in the tropical forest.

How does the Amazon rainforest affect Peru?

Only Brazil holds a larger area of Amazonian tropical forest. … Roughly 1,100 square miles of Peru’s forests are cut down every year—around 80% of them illegally. This forest loss hurts much more than the trees and Peru’s amazing wildlife; it also accounts for nearly half of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Do Peru have tropical rainforests?

Tropical rain forests are found in many places along the equator such as Peru (9.1900° S, 75.0152° W). It has a very hot and moist climate, the amount of rainfall annually exceeds 100 inches. And many different types of wildlife flourish here.

Did the Inca live in rainforest?

The incas themselves referred to the eastern quarter of their 4,500-km long empire as antisuyo, and to the Indians who lived in its jungles as the antis; it is from the latter word that the name Andes derives.

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