You asked: Can I study in English in Argentina?

Universities in Argentina are well-known for the variety of degree programs they offer. Even though most of the courses are taught in Spanish, several English-taught programs are available to meet the needs of international students.

How much does it cost to study in Argentina?

How much does it cost to study in Argentina? Undergraduate degrees in public universities are tuition-free for international students. Private universities, however, cost $3,000 to $20,000 annually. Post-graduate degrees cost anywhere from $2,300 to $27,000 per year.

Is university free in Argentina for foreigners?

1. Undergraduate courses at the University are free for both Argentine citizens and foreigners. 2. Postgraduate courses have a fee.

Does the University of Buenos Aires teach in English?

The teaching language and culture in Buenos Aires

Most universities use Spanish as the primary teaching language, and as of 2019, none of the major universities has classes in English.

What is Argentina’s college like?

Argentina has a reputation for having one of the region’s most prestigious systems of higher education; above all else, we value a university’s academic quality. A typical student registers for college at the age of 19 and gets a degree in an average of six years. (Naturally, this depends on the degree chosen.)

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Can international students work in Argentina?

Jobs in the country are available in everything from agriculture and tourism to the arts and sciences, and the expat network is extensive and easy to tap into. Several university programs and college programs worldwide allow students to work on a part-time basis preferably 20 hours over a week.

Is studying in Argentina cheap?

Universities in Argentina are ranked among the best ones in the world, and the government-funded system makes them very affordable for both domestic and international students. That’s why more than 50,000 international students choose to study here each year!

Is it expensive to live in Argentina?

Many expats and retirees manage to live quite comfortably on $1000 to $1,300 per month, and couples on around $1,500 to $1,800 a month. Cheap rent provides a big boost to Argentina’s affordability, especially for those who choose to reside outside the more popular tourist districts.

Can I study in Argentina for free?

You can study in Argentina for free in around 39 public universities (national) with no tuition fees, which are being funded by the Ministry of Education. These higher education institutions register more than 1.5 million students yearly.

Are universities free in Argentina?

Note that undergraduate education at all Argentine public universities is tuition free and lead to professional degrees.

Is education free in Argentina?

Tertiary education in Argentina is free for those attending state universities. The University of Buenos Aires is free, well known and highly respected. Private universities charge tuition fees that vary depending on the institution.

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