You asked: Where do pumas live in Colombia?

Wild animals as exotic as pumas live in the rural parts of Medellin, Colombia’s second largest city and also home to millions of humans, local scientists have found out.

What big cats are there in Colombia?

However, there are several big cats living in Colombia. This group includes jaguars, ocelots, pumas and jaguarundis.

Which large cats live in the Colombian Ilanos?

In Colombia, jaguars inhabit the Amazon and Llanos regions, the Pacific coast, inter-Andean valleys, and the northern area along the Caribbean coast, yet only two jaguar densities estimate are available and they were both in the Amazon [29].

Does Columbia have tigers?

Lions and tigers get all the attention as the most famous “big cats” in the Old World, but Colombia is also home to some fascinating big cats that roam the untouched wilds of South America.

Are there leopards in Colombia?

We normally associate felines with large African or Asian cats such as lions, tigers, leopards or cheetahs, but little is known about felines from other parts of the world and, in particular, the Americas.

Are there sloths in Colombia?

Sloths of Colombia

Three species of sloths are known from Colombia (Wetzel, 1982). The brown-throated three-toed sloth, Bradypus variegatus (Schinz, 1825) inhabits both Pacific and Amazonian lowland rainforest and the Caribbean savanna dry forest (pers. obs.)

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