Your question: What is the greatest influence on the early development of South America?

South America’s history and development have been shaped by its political geography. The European colonization of South America defined the continent’s early political geography. The Treaty of Tordesillas of 1494 granted Spain and Portugal the exclusive right to colonize all lands outside of Europe.

How has physical geography influenced the development of South America?

Most people live on or near the coasts and along major rivers of the continent. These coastal regions offer favorable climates, fertile land, and access to transportation. The rain forests, deserts, and mountainous areas of South America’s interior have discouraged human settlement.

What is South America known for?

These fun facts about South America will give you a glimpse into a continent steeped in natural beauty and culture

  • #1 The world’s second-largest swimming pool.
  • #2 No doorbells in Paraguay.
  • #3 The world’s longest mountain range.
  • #4 The world’s largest salt flat.
  • #5 12 countries but hundreds of languages.

What makes South America unique?

South America is a continent of extremes. It is home to the world’s largest river (the Amazon) as well as the world’s driest place (the Atacama Desert). … With an unparalleled number of plant and animal species, South America’s rich biodiversity is unique among the world’s continents.

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Which culture is dominant in South America?

The Incan Empire is the most well known indigenous culture of South America. The Inca Empire was established in 1438 in the Andean city of Cuzco, Peru. Over a period of 100 years, the empire expanded to include parts of present-day Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, and Colombia.

Why is South America called the Land of Superlatives?

South America is a land of superlatives. It has quite different types of landform, climate and vegetation. There is a small portion of land for farming but this is an agricultural continent. … Tourism is developing as an important economic activity because this continent is the continent of superlatives.

How did the physical geography of the South influence economic activity in the region?

the farming is very productive in the South as well. … as the region become dependent on farming and crops, huge textile mills and plantations were built, and the new factories attracted businesses which began to build down South, starting the growth of new cities.

Why is South America called the land of extremes?

In geographic terms, it has some of the hottest, driest deserts in the world (the Atacama and Sonoran deserts) while having the largest rain-forest in the world (the Amazon).

What are 3 facts about South America?

Atacama desert is the driest place in South America. Angel Falls are the world’s highest waterfalls. Amazon River Basin is the world’s largest river basin. The Andes are the world’s longest mountain range.

What are the two best known features of South America?

The main two physical features of South America are the Andes Mountains and the Amazon River.

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What is the most interesting thing about South America?

It is Angel Falls in Venezuela. The world’s largest river by volume in the world is the Amazon River in South America. The world’s longest mountain range in the world is the Andes Mountains, located in South America. South America is home to the driest place on earth – the Atacama Desert.

Who is the most famous person in South America?

Famous Latin Americans and Inspirational Quotes

  1. Paulo Coelho. …
  2. Frida Kahlo. …
  3. 3. Gabriel García Márquez. …
  4. Julio Cortázar. …
  5. Jorge Luis Borges. …
  6. Pablo Neruda. …
  7. Che Guevara. …
  8. David Fischman.