Best answer: What makes Latin America’s natural resources so hard to harvest?

South America’s temperate climates are home to a number of industrial crops and livestock. … Some of these climates are extremely cold, while others are extremely hot—but they all receive very little precipitation. This makes agricultural production difficult.

Why is Latin America not developed?

No country in Latin America can be named developed, although a few are higher-middle income. One important reason for this large gap is protectionism. … During this period, East Asia was fully into export promotion, tax incentives to exporters, low trade barriers, less protectionism, and fewer controls and regulations.

Which country in Latin America has the greatest amount of natural resources?

What Latin American country has the greatest resources? Brazil, the largest country in Latin America. What natural resources are in Brazil and what are they used for?

Why Latin America is violent?

Numerous factors have caused the immensely high crime rates in Latin America. Two significant factors that have been influencing violence are high poverty rates and consistently high amounts of drug trafficking. Data: UNODC, 2012.

What are the 4 major minerals of Latin America?

Available Minerals

Probably the most widely exploited metals in Latin America are copper, iron ore, gold and silver. Copper is particularly important with Chile being responsible for around 25% of global production.

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What are the three subregions of Latin America?

Three sub-regions can be clearly differentiated: South America, Central America (including Mexico) and the Caribbean.

Which two countries have the most of that resource?

These are the 10 most resource-rich countries in the world.

  • Venezuela. > Total resource value: $14.3 trillion.
  • Iraq. > Total resource value: $15.9 trillion.
  • Australia. > Total resource value: $19.9 trillion.
  • Brazil. > Total resource value: $21.8 trillion.
  • China. > Total resource value: $23 trillion.