Does Argentina take refugees?

Argentina is one of the countries, were refugees are not only migratiing in. Only in the year 2020 there have been 568 asylum applications, which were received for citizens from Argentina in other countries. Most successful have been the applications in the Netherlands and in Spain.

How many refugees are in Argentina?

Argentina refugee statistics for 2020 was 4,045.00, a 4.87% increase from 2019. Argentina refugee statistics for 2019 was 3,857.00, a 12.06% increase from 2018. Argentina refugee statistics for 2018 was 3,442.00, a 3.3% increase from 2017. Argentina refugee statistics for 2017 was 3,332.00, a 1.99% increase from 2016.

Does Argentina have refugee camps?

Argentina is among a group of countries in South America that have agreed to accept more resettled refugees.

How can I get asylum in Argentina?

REFUGEE? In Argentina, you may submit your application verbally or in writing, in the City of Buenos Aires or in the interior of the country, before: • The Executive Secretariat of the CONARE, in the City of Buenos Aires. Any migration delegation or o ce of the National Migration O ce (DNM for its Spanish acronym).

What are the current issues in Argentina?

Longstanding human rights problems in Argentina include police abuse, poor prison conditions, and endemic violence against women. Restrictions on abortion and difficulty accessing reproductive health services remain serious concerns.

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What is the unhcr doing to help refugees?

UNHCR works to protect and assist refugees everywhere. We strive to ensure that everyone has the right to seek asylum and find safe refuge in another State, with the option to eventually return home, integrate or resettle.

What wars was Argentina in?

Argentine participation on:

  • Argentine War of Independence.
  • Bolivian War of Independence.
  • Independence of Paraguay.
  • Chilean War of Independence.
  • Mexican War of Independence.
  • Peruvian War of Independence.
  • Ecuadorian War of Independence.

Are there a lot of Arabs in Argentina?

However, in the 19th century Argentina saw the first real wave of Arabs to settle within its territory, mostly from Syria and Lebanon. It is estimated that today there are about 3.5 million Argentinians of Arab descent, most of whom are Christian.

Is it Argentinian or Argentinean?

There are three uses for the words Argentinian, Argentinean and Argentine: Demonym – a type of noun to describe someone from Argentina. An Argentine, an Argentinian, an Argentinean. This is the demonym or gentilic.

Why did Arabs migrate to Argentina?

The reasons for this migration are many, but the biggest one was the religious and political persecution that haunted the Ottoman Empire in the 1800’s. According to Cristina Civantos, approximately 131,000 Arabs arrived in Argentina in a 25-year period, from 1887 to 1913.