Frequent question: What is a pool called in Argentina?

In Argentina, though, they use ‘la pileta’ when talking about a swimming pool.

What does Groso mean in Argentina?

#20 Groso. Groso refers to something being big or amazing. But it can also be used about a person that you think is amazing or great.

How do you say bus in Argentina?

In Argentina, a “bondi” is another word for a “colectivo,” or public bus.

What do you call a female Argentina?

Demonym – a type of noun to describe someone from Argentina. An Argentine, an Argentinian, an Argentinean. This is the demonym or gentilic.

How do you say hello in Argentina slang?

Che boludo are the pillars of the Argentine Spanish. They can be used together or separately. Che can be mostly translated and used like “hey” or “dude” in English.

How do you say OK in Argentina?

The word “dale” in Argentina is used to say “ok”. So if someone asks you something and you want to say yes, just say “dale”. Especially if you’re being offered something or being invited to do something. Other options could be: “Bueno”, “Sí”.

How do you say kiss in Argentina?


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noun: Means kiss or kisses.

How many kisses are there in Argentina?

The number of kisses when giving an abrazo varies from region to region. In most places, one kiss is the norm. If a pair of friends do not have a very close relationship, they will simply give a kiss on the right cheek.

What does Tano mean in Argentina?

Whatever its origin, the word “tango” had acquired the standard meaning of the place where African slaves and free blacks gathered to dance by the time Argentina banned slavery in 1853. During the later part of the 1800s and early 1900s, Argentina was undergoing a massive immigration.

What does Conchita mean in Argentina?

Apart from that, concha means seashell (and conchita a little seashell) in the Spanish speaking world, apart from Argentina where it refers to the female sexual organ.

What does pipi mean in Argentina?

(very informal) masculine noun. Military) squaddie (informal) ⧫ recruit.

Where is coger a bad word?

But beware of coger in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Venezuela, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and the USA. It’s a synonym for the F-word in the sexual sense in these countries, so it’s best avoided in most scenarios.