Question: What animals live in the Parana River?

Besides terrestrial life, the river also supports a large number of aquatic species, including migratory fishes such as the Atlantic saber-tooth anchovy, the Sábalo, and the Golden dorado, as well as such other fishes as Piranhas, Catfishes, the Lungfish, and a diverse variety of tiny phytoplankton and macrophytes.

What is the main tributary of river Parana?

Tiete, Paranapanema and Iguaçu rivers are its main tributaries, all in the left bank. The Parana River, in its upper stretch, limits the states of São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul.

What means Parana?

British Dictionary definitions for Paraná

Paraná noun. (parəˈna) a state of S Brazil, on the Atlantic: consists of a coastal plain and a large rolling plateau with extensive forests. Capital: Curitiba.

Where does the Paraná River empty?

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