Quick Answer: Is it cold in Colombia in August?

Daily high temperatures are around 63°F, rarely falling below 60°F or exceeding 67°F. Daily low temperatures are around 47°F, rarely falling below 41°F or exceeding 51°F.

Is August a good time to go to Colombia?

Visiting Colombia in July – August

In many areas a mini dry season returns to the country, bringing wonderful conditions once again for visiting Colombia’s cultural highlights, beautiful countryside, jungles and beaches.

What is the weather like in Colombia during August?

Daily high temperatures are around 88°F, rarely falling below 85°F or exceeding 91°F. Daily low temperatures are around 79°F, rarely falling below 76°F or exceeding 81°F.

How is Colombia in August?

In August, weather conditions in Colombia make it a medium trip destination. Among our chosen destinations (see below), the average temperatures you’ll face in August would be between 19.0°C and 25.5°C, with exceptional possible peaks as low as 7°C and high as 39°C as observed in previous years.

When should I visit Colombia?

The best time to go to Colombia is in December to March, when the Andes are drier. September to October are the wettest months, but it’s all relative – the rainforest can be wet all year round, and the coast is seriously hot. Read on to find out about our top Colombia activities and tips from our vacation companies.

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What is the weather like in Costa Rica in August?

The average temperature in Costa Rica in August is 69 – 89 degrees Fahrenheit (21 – 32 degrees Celcius) on the Pacific Coast. … In San José and the Central Valley the average temperature in August is 62 – 77 degrees Fahrenheit (17 – 25 degrees Celcius).

What is the weather like in Colombia year round?

It is characterized by an annual rainfall of 40 to 70 inches (1,000 to 1,800 mm) and annual average temperatures usually above 74 °F (23 °C). … The average temperature is hot—more than 81 °F (27 °C)—with the daily range greatest where the humidity is low.

Is Colombia cheap or expensive?

You don’t need to do a lot to save money in Colombia. It’s relatively cheap to visit, and there are a lot of good deals throughout the country.

What are the rainiest months in Colombia?

The rainiest months are usually June and from October to mid-November. The best period for diving is from July to September.

What is the weather in Colombia in summer?

Summers are hot and humid, with a variable amount of rain. Temperatures reach up to 40°C (104°F) in the deserts during the day and drop to 15°C (59°F) in the night. The average high temperatures remain in the 29.4°C (84.9°F) to 36.1°C (97°F) range during the hot season.

Does Columbia have a rainy season?

Feel all the seasons here

The weather in Colombia only has two seasons: a dry season (from December to January and July to August) and a cloudy season (from April to May and October to November), when usually it’s sunny in the morning and cloudy/rainy in the afternoon.

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