What is the weather like in Colombia in May?

Daily high temperatures are around 65°F, rarely falling below 61°F or exceeding 68°F. Daily low temperatures are around 49°F, rarely falling below 44°F or exceeding 53°F.

What is the best month to visit Colombia?

The best time to go to Colombia is in December to March, when the Andes are drier. September to October are the wettest months, but it’s all relative – the rainforest can be wet all year round, and the coast is seriously hot.

What season is it in Colombia in May?

A year has two clearly identifiable times: rainy season and dry season. The rainy season comes in April to May and October to November, and dry season is usually in December to January and July to August, though this can vary considerably.

What are the rainiest months in Colombia?

The rainiest months are usually June and from October to mid-November. The best period for diving is from July to September.

Is May a good time to visit Cartagena Colombia?

The best time to visit Cartagena is December to April. The dry season, December to April, coincides with Cartagena’s summer and is also when the city welcomes the most visitors. …

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What is the safest place in Colombia?

Bogota. Bogota is actually one of South America’s safest urban areas, with a violent crime rate lower than Indianapolis. It has dozens of distinct neighborhoods, full of music, food, dance, and art. It’s also one of the world’s best places to drink coffee.

What is the weather like in Colombia in spring?

Bogota, the largest city and capital, is situated in the Eastern Andes region and the weather is generally spring-like. Although sunny days can still get quite hot, there are many cool days and nights. The average high temperature throughout the year hovers around 20°C (68°F).

What is the current season in Colombia?

The weather in Colombia only has two seasons: a dry season (from December to January and July to August) and a cloudy season (from April to May and October to November), when usually it’s sunny in the morning and cloudy/rainy in the afternoon.

Is it safe to go to Bogota Colombia?

Bogota is a great city and overall safe, but just like safety anywhere in Colombia, it can become a bit sketchy sometimes. … That’s pretty much the same in Bogota, where crime happens.