When did Bolivia lose access to the sea?

Landlocked Bolivia lost access to the sea in 1884 after a war with Chile and has tried to regain it ever since. The court said Chile was not obliged to negotiate granting Bolivia access. The ruling, which comes after five years of deliberations, is final and binding.

What crucial territory did Bolivia lose to Chile?

Bolivia lost more than 46,000 square miles of territory, including what is currently Chile’s copper-rich Antofagasta region. A 1904 treaty made this loss permanent in exchange for Chile allowing Bolivian trade access to the sea through Chilean territory. Bolivia has been consigned to landlocked status ever since.

How did Bolivia lose sea?

Bolivia lost its access to the sea after it was defeated in a war with Chile in the 1880s, which annexed its coastline. Bolivia, one of the poorest nations in Latin America, claims the lack of sea access has stinted its economic growth.

How safe is Bolivia?


Bolivia is somewhat safe to visit, though it has many dangers. You should be aware that tourist hotspots, restaurants, shops and public transportation are places where most thefts and pickpocketing occur, and that violent crime exists on the streets, too.

How did Bolivia lose so much land?

Bolivia lost the area after La Guerra del Pacifico, or War of the Pacific in the late 1800s when Chile, Peru and Bolivia fought bitterly over mineral rights there. In 1904, a peace treaty was signed and Bolivia lost the coastal territory, becoming officially landlocked.

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Which countries are completely landlocked?

List of landlocked countries and partially recognized landlocked states

Country Area (km2) Surrounding countries
Internationally recognized landlocked states
Kyrgyzstan 199,951 China, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan
Laos 236,800 Cambodia, China, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam
Lesotho 30,355 South Africa

What wars has Chile fought in?

In its history, the Chilean nation has been involved in several wars, meaning an armed struggle between two or more sides, which may be conventional or unconventional.

Chilean participation on:

  • Chilean War of Independence.
  • Argentine War of Independence.
  • Peruvian War of Independence.
  • Ecuadorian War of Independence.

Did Chile have a civil war?

The Chilean Civil War of 1891 (also known as Revolution of 1891) was a civil war in Chile fought between forces supporting Congress and forces supporting the President, José Manuel Balmaceda from 16 January 1891 to 18 September 1891.

What war was Chile?

List of wars involving Chile

Conflict Combatant 1
Chilean War of Independence (1810-1826) Chile United Provinces
Freedom Expedition of Perú (1820–1824) United Army Peru
Civil War of 1829–1830 (1829-1830) Pelucones Military of Chile
War of the Confederation (1836-1839) Chile Peru Argentina