Where is desert climate found in South America?

The Atacama Desert (Spanish: Desierto de Atacama) is a desert plateau in South America covering a 1,600 km (990 mi) strip of land on the Pacific coast, west of the Andes Mountains.

What is South America’s desert climate?

The annual range in average monthly temperatures in Patagonia—the greatest in South America—is more than 36 °F (20 °C), the result of warm summers and cold winters. The Atacama Desert, a narrow strip along the Pacific coast between latitudes 5° and 31° S, is a coastal desert.

What countries in South America have desert like conditions?

DESERT. Parts of northern Mexico are classified as desert, as is much of the coast of Peru. The Atacama Desert is in northern Chile. Likewise, Argentina’s southern zone, Patagonia, contains a desert.

What are the climate zones in South America?

∎ Five climate zones: Caliente (hot), Templada (warm), Fria (cold), Helada (frozen), and Paramos. formed by the subduction of the Pacific plate beneath South America.

Which country has no rain?

World: Longest Recorded Dry Period

The world’s lowest average yearly precipitation in 0.03″ (0.08 cm) during a 59-year period at Arica Chile. Lane notes that no rainfall has ever been recorded at Calama in the Atacama Desert, Chile.

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