Who were the Capac Incas?

The Capac Incas were the highest ranking nobles. They controlled the empire’s land and its valuable resources (examples= llamas, coca leaves and gold). They also held the most important posts in government, army, and priesthood. Apus, or governors of the 4 corners also belonged to this group.

What did the Capac Incas do?

Capac Incas controlled the empire’s land as well as its valuable resources such as llamas, coca leaves, and gold. They held the most important posts in the government, army, and priesthood. The apus or governors, of the four quarters of the empire came from this group.

Who were the Hahua Incas?

There were three main classes of nobles: Capac Incas, who were considered relatives of the emperor; Hahua Incas, who did not share the royal blood; and curacas, who were leaders of people conquered by the Incas. The highest-ranking nobles were the Capac Incas.

Was Manco Capac a real person?

Manco Capac was a man of legend. Believed to be the son of Inti, the Inca sun god, he is credited with founding the city of Cuzco and being the first Inca emperor, or Sapa Inca.

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How many wives did the Inca have?

The Sapa Inca could have about 100 wives and 100 children. He married anyone with noble blood, but his sister would still be his main wife. The Sapa Inca’s main wife was called a coya which means queen. All the wives had to pick up anything that the Sapa Inca dropped onto the ground including his hair and feathers.

What was the most powerful class in Inca society?

The Inca society was a vertical hierarchical organization divided in four social classes. At the top of the stratum was the Sapa Inca, the most powerful person in the empire. Below was the royalty, comprised by the sons of the Sapa Inca and his close relatives.

At what age did the Incas get married?

Marriage was no different. Incan women were typically married at the age of sixteen, while men married at the age of twenty.

Which god was the most important to the Incas?

Inti. Inti, the sun god, was the ranking deity in the Inca pantheon.

Did the Incas have slaves?

Inca Empire

It is important to note that they were not forced to work as slaves. Some were born into the category of yanakuna (like many other professions, it was a hereditary one), some chose to leave ayllus to work, and some were selected by nobles.

How did Inca Empire fall?

While there were many reasons for the fall of the Incan Empire, including foreign epidemics and advanced weaponry, the Spaniards skilled manipulation of power played a key role in this great Empire’s demise.

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Why was there so little crime in the Inca Empire?

However, there wasn’t a lot of crime in the Inca Empire, mostly because the punishments were very harsh. For example, people were often executed for cursing the gods. If they were caught stealing, they would have their hands cut off. Every ayllu had its own tax collector.