Why do people in Venezuela roller skate to church?

While clearly not curative, Christmas roller skating is a way for people in the capital to keep traditions alive, for families to come together and for communities to unite.

Why do Venezuelans go to church on roller skates?

Residents in Caracas, Venezuela have an unusual tradition. Each year on Christmas Eve, they had to church early in the morning on roller skates. Reportedly the tradition is so popular with the residents that roads are closed to cars, allowing the residents to safely make their way to church.

Do people wear roller skates to church in Venezuela?

Roller-skating to church, Caracas, Venezuela

On Christmas morning, the roads in Caracas are closed to traffic to allow citizens to roller-skate to church. Yes, that’s right, roller-skate to church.

What do Venezuelans travel to church on?

In Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, it is customary to travel to early-morning church services during the festival period on roller skates – roads are even cleared to provide Christmas worshippers with a safe passage.

What do children in Caracas do before falling asleep from December 16 24?

Venezuelans attend a daily early morning church service between December 16th and 24th called Misa de Aguinaldo (“Early Morning Mass.”) In Caracas, the capital city, it is customary to roller-skate to this service and many neighborhoods close the streets to cars until 8 a.m. Before bedtime children tie one end of a …

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Why do people in Caracas Venezuela go to church before Christmas on roller skates?

Rather than resembling toxicity or ridicule, the figure resembles purification and prosperity for the new year. In Caracas, Venezuela, the streets are closed off before 8am on the week before Christmas to allow people to roller-skate to mass.

What are some traditions in Venezuela?

Most Venezuelans are Catholic and celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25. In Caracas, and throughout the country, festivities begin on December 16 with mass church services each morning. The final service, Misa de Aguinaldo or Misa de Gallo, occurs at midnight on Noche Buena, or Christmas Eve.