You asked: What is feijoada day in Brazil?

17 March 2017. Brazil has many region-specific dishes, yet the the one that best translates into a nationwide dish is the beloved feijoada. The name stems from the word feijão (bean), the key ingredient of feijoada – which is essentially a bean stew mixed with beef and pork.

On which day is feijoada served in every restaurant in Brazil?

Despite the grey area of its origin, nowadays feijoada is a true Brazilian dish. In Rio de Janeiro, there are several places to enjoy this food for the soul. Traditionally eaten on Saturday, those who are keen to try this national dish needn’t wait and can head to Casa da Feijoada in Ipanema any day of the week.

Where is the origin of feijoada?

Why do Brazilians eat feijoada on Wednesday?

It’s considered a comfort food and is often called “food for the soul.” Given its size and heaviness, it’s a food to be eaten slowly and savored. In the major cities such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, it is often eaten on Wednesdays at the work lunch break.

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