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Gravenstraat 1 (2007)

The building at the corner of Gravenstraat/Mr.dr.J.C. de Mirandastraat nowadays functions as the Justice department. It was build in 1920 and differs quite a bit from the common Surinamese building style. Characteristic are the hipped rooftop at the Mirandastraat end and the extension at the Gravenstraat end, which gives the whole building a terse image.

Gravenstraat 1 zuidgevel (2007)


The galleries on the ground floor are build on high, separated porches with sidestairs. On the top floor the gallery continues around the corner with a rounded construction. The distances between the posts are irregular. The façade to the south is clearly visible, since there are no adjoining buildings, and has again different details. All these elements contribute to the rather disorderly image, which is a far cry from the stern simplicity and symmetry of the Surinamese style.


     Gravenstraat 1 detail (2007)     Gravenstraat 1 balkon (2007)     Gravenstraat 1 stoep (2007)

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