City Of Paramaribo

City of Paramaribo is interAct foundation's virtual, historical inner city of Paramaribo, Unesco World Heritage.

People travel in different ways. That is why City of Paramaribo offers you different possibilities to enter and visit the town.
You can be the type of tourist who systematically walks the city, travelbook and map in hand. But you can also take a guided walking tour. Or, if you remember a particular address, you can look it up. You can also be the adventurer who just walks out of the hotel, turns left and, by clicking here and there, discovers a city full of surprises.
You can meet people who visit the city and leave their messages on the Forum board; just like you can. And do not forget to travel back in time!

But in whatever way you explore the city, definitely allow yourself to get impressed by the unique beauty of Paramaribo.
We wish you a pleasant trip.

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