Main city church (Moravian), Steenbakkerijstraat 21

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Steenbakkerijstraat 21 Grote Stadskerk (2007)

In 1778 a church was founded by the Moravian Church on the very spot where the Main city church now stands. The first Moravian brethren (Hernhutters) had already come to Suriname in 1735, but were not allowed to hold public services. The present church was developed in the 19th century through many reconstructions of the first building. 
In 1847 it got its current size. 

Grote stadskerk 1925

The church is separated from the street by brick pillars with iron fencing in between. It is 30 meters wide, three roughly equal parts of three bays make up the facade. A saddle roof, covered with slates and not very steep, tops the building.
The depth is 19 meter. The rear has large hatches in 2 or 3 pairs above each other and  the boarding is quite broad, up to 40 cm.

Steenbakkerijstraat Grote Stadskerk achterzijde

The nave is 11 meter high. Galleries of two storeys, supported by columns run along all walls. On the short side near the pulpit they are narrow, at the opposite side near the organ they are extra wide. The upper gallery is divided into rooms. The interior is painted mostly white; the pews, the pulpit, the organ, the walls.  


Steenbakkerijstraat Grote Stadskerk interieur      Steenbakkerijstraat Grote Stadskerk preekstoelzijde 

Steenbakkerijstraat Grote stadskerk GV dienst


             playerskin video Grotestadskerk
Service in the Main city church on Good Friday 2007

Steenbakkerijstraat Grote Stadskerk pastorie     Steenbakkerijstraat Grote Stadskerk torentje
On the premises

The parsonage is situated left (south) of the church. Further south the church office and the guest house (see Maagdenstraat 50).  On the premises there are also some small buildings, including a turret.





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