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Wagenwegstraat 43
Wagenwegstraat 43 (2007)

I was thrilled to find the house at Wagenwegstraat 43 registered in City of Paramaribo. (it used to be Wijk B, nr. 1999 and even earlier Wijk C nr. 76).
To me, it is a house with quite a history. I have been able to take a lot of pictures in and around the house, about 10 years ago. The house was commissioned in 1840 by Isay Abrahams, who established his Hollandia bakery in the building. He started his business with 3 house slaves (grandma, mother and daughter) who used to be part of the "stock of slaves" of the plantation Broederschap (Brotherhood). He was actually, together with his nephew, the owner of this plantation along the Saramacca river until 1840. Mother and daughter were given to him by his uncle when he married in 1823. In 1824 the nephews took over the plantation. The mother, my great great grandmother, gives birth to my great grand mother in the Wagenwegstraat by the end of 1841. My greatgreatgreat grandmother (who was transported out of Africa by the Zealanders in 1786 as a 2 year old girl) dies there in 1854.
A lot of history on might say. I hope that more contributions will make "our" site still more beautiful and informative.
Ruud Braams, 6 October 2008



















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