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You can be a Friend of City of Paramaribo: contribute to the site and /or send us material

A city lives and thrives because of the people who live and work there, who visit it, who build new houses and develop activities.
The dynamics of the City of Paramaribo depends on valuable additions to the site.
As a Friend of City of Paramaribo you can contribute to the virtual city by sending us material like:
   - Pictures or other images of buildings that are lacking on the site.
   - Pictures or other images of Paramaribo in the past.
     That can either be pictures of buildings or pictures that show the dayly life in the city with the buildings as a backdrop.
   - Information or corrections of information on the site.
   - Stories about the city or about a building (see Tories).
     Have you lived in one of the houses for instance and do you remember a remarkable story? Write your story for us.
Of course we will mention your name with the article when we add your contribution to the site.
And on the list of Friends of City of Paramaribo.

Here you can send us your material.
Pictures preferably in jpg with the largest side being about 700 pixels. Video preferably in avi.
Note: Explicitly mention in your mail that you give permission to City of Paramaribo to use your material free of copyrights!

Friends of City of Paramaribo:

Mohamed el Aisatti, Ruud Braams, Jozef Brahim, Kitling van Charante, Iling Chin Ten Fung, Philip Dikland, Jules Donk, Stephen Fokke, Hilde Kanteman, May Kowsoleea, Sidney Lucas, John Mendonça, Sonnia Ramdhani, Ronald Snijders, John Storm van Leeuwen, Suralco, Surinaams Museum, Ron Tjon Pian Gi, Winston Vasconcellos [X], Michael Vervuurt [X].
















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