Are there plantains in Argentina?

What country uses plantains?

Plantains are believed to have originated in Southeast Asia. Two groups of plantains are thought to have a common origin: the horn plantain and the French plantain. Both types grow in India, Africa, Egypt, and tropical America. The French plantains also occur in Indonesia and the islands of the Pacific.

Do plantains grow in South America?

In fact, not even from South America. It’s believed that plantains come from Southeast Asia. There are two types of plantain: the horn plantain and the French plantain. Both types grow in Peru and are used in the Peruvian cuisine.

Are maduros and plantains the same?


When prepared at this stage, plantains can be used to make sweet, filling, and satisfying platanos maduros. Spanish word for “ripened”, maduros also refers to a Latin side dish made up of sweet ripe plantains that are typically sliced on a bias and fried.

Why are plantains so cheap?

Exposed to agro-chemicals and intense heat, plantation workers are usually in the field ten to 12 hours a day, six days a week, and still aren’t paid a living wage—to do so would increase the price of fruit that, despite traveling thousands of miles to the US, continues to be sold more cheaply than locally grown apples …

Is plantain a fruit or vegetable?

Do Hawaiians eat plantains?

Hawaiian plantains, on the other hand, are softer, shorter and fatter than traditional plantains. They cook tender and remain soft and fresh through time. They are also much easier to peel. These plantains are generally grown in Hawaii, Southern United States, the Caribbean, Central America and South America.

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What color should plantains be for frying?

Plantains can be cooked when they’re green or yellow but, for frying, they’re best when they’re mostly black with a little bit of yellow still left. I once tried frying plantains when they were still mostly yellow with a few black spots, and they were a little on the dry side and not as flavorful.