Does USPS deliver to Bolivia?

Priority Mail International parcel service is suspended due to lack of available air transportation. This suspension of service does not affect the Priority Mail International flat-rate envelope or small flat-rate box or other international mail categories currently available.

Does USPS ship to Bolivia?

Yes, USPS delivers to Bolivia. They offer several methods including Postal Service Fully Tracked, USPS Priority, USPS Express.

Does Bolivia have mail service?

Bolivia lost an essential public service this year. Without warning, on March 1, the post office suddenly shut its doors indefinitely, leaving mountains of mail with nowhere to go.

How do you address mail to Bolivia?

When mailing FROM other countries TO Bolivia, be sure to include the recipients name, street address (including street name and number), city and department name (for example: Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Santa Cruz), and the country (Bolivia).

How much does it cost to send a package to Bolivia?

See how low shipping rates from the US can be!

Weight Budget Economy 5 – 10 days FedEx Economy 2 – 5 days
1lbs 23.99 USD 29.99 USD
2lbs 27.99 USD 35.99 USD
3lbs 33.99 USD 43.99 USD
4lbs 38.99 USD 49.99 USD
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How much does it cost to send a letter to Bolivia?

Country Conditions for Mailing — Bolivia

Weight not over (lbs.) Price
0.5 $63.95
1 79.00
2 97.50
3 116.00

How does USPS International shipping works?

International Shipping via USPS

As with domestic shipping, USPS® tends to be the lowest-cost option. … When you go this route, the USPS® will deliver your package to the customs office in the foreign country destination. From there (assuming everything is in order) the local postal service will deliver the package.

How long does USPS take to deliver internationally?

Using First Class Mail International, deliveries generally take between 7–21 days to arrive, although the USPS does not guarantee delivery dates or times. Mail may travel to its destination by ground, air or a combination of both.

Why is my package still in transit USPS International?

For international shipments, it could be stuck with USPS or at customs. Your package could be stuck in transit for many reasons: loss, damage, or even a USPS tracking system failure. More likely, though, the short-staffed US Post Office has misplaced, mislabelled, or simply overlooked your package.