What does R1 stand for Patagonia?

It stands for Durable Water Repellent – which means that water will be repelled under wet conditions instead of soaking into the fabric. DWR also decreases dry time. It’s a good thing Techface jackets are coated in DWR, but pay attention to the fact that DWR is a coating – meaning that it will wear off over time.

How warm is Patagonia R1?

Warmth. From experience, I’ve found the temperature range of the Patagonia R1 — with only a t-shirt underneath — to be 30-55 degrees Fahrenheit during moderate activity without a wind chill. During static activity, or times of rest, its temperature range rises to 40-60 degrees.

Why is there an R on Patagonia?

(The R stands for “regulator,” as in the ability to manage body temperature.) In the 20-plus years since, the brand has expanded on the Regulator concept with hybrids and higher-loft spinoffs.

What is R1 material?

The R1® Fleece Pullover from Patagonia is a versatile, technical, midlayer fleece best used for stop/start activities in cold conditions. Made from Power Grid fleece, our patented grid construction knit is designed to trap heat and wick moisture, providing unbeaten warmth and comfort.

Is Patagonia pill R1?

The new “techface” R1 is only available in black, navy and bright red, at full price. Last year’s R1 full-zip seems to be sold out everywhere I look. One nice thing about this fleece is the outside has a smooth finish, so it is easy to layer, and never “pills” with washing.

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Which Patagonia fleece is warmest?

Expanding upon the hi-loft aspect of the R2 series, the R3 delivers maximum thermal efficiency with a thick, fuzzy fleece. Made from Polartec Thermal Pro, with Polartec Power Stretch side panels and a drawcord hem, this is Patagonia’s warmest layering pieces, and one of the warmest fleece jackets you can find.

Do Patagonia better sweaters pill?

With time, all fleeces tend to pill. However, it shouldn’t happen within a day of wear. You’re welcome to return it to the store.